May 19, 2011

Possum Kingdom (possums not actually involved)

This is a bit delayed, but I thought I would still share.  Weekend before last, the boyfriend and I flew up to Dallas to spend the weekend with his family at their lakehouse.  We were SO excited for a mini-vacation and for a tiny break from school.  

(Mark is in medical school too, so neither of us have lives.  Although, he has it worse than me right now because he's studying for the first part of our licensing boards which is probably the hardest test known to man.  Literally, two years of medical school on one eight hour exam.  And yes, they will ask you what that one sentence was from paragraph 4 of page 453 from that one book that you read the 2nd week you started school.  Poor thing studies nearly 15 hours a day, but it helps that I had to do it last year...  so, when he's a little crazy, I forgive him.  I can't even imagine how he put up with me while I studied for it last year, bless his little heart.)  

Anyway, our weekend consisted of lots of delicious food, a day out on the lake tubing/skiing/getting burnt to a crisp, canoeing/kayaking, tennis, beer, and a round of golf.  By round of golf, I mean Mark and his roommate/my boy bff played golf while I sat on the golf cart and took pictures of them and tried to not do anything to get yelled at.  

Here's a few pictures from our trip.  There aren't any of me water skiing because I am far too uncoordinated to do that without killing myself.  I did, however, get on the tube but bf failed at taking photos.  

Yes, this is my golf outfit.
I was warned to not make noise while shooting.
Loveeee him - he told me this pose was stupid.

Our weekend seems very relaxing, right??


There was a killer on the loose.

Yes, that is the biggest spider I've seen in my life and it was merely inches from my face.  


Anyway, it's still alive out there somewhere because everyone was too scared to try to kill it.  If you're in the north Texas area, be careful.   You've been warned.

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Holly said...

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