April 29, 2011

Day 4 + blog makeover

Day 4:  Your parents

As an only child, I love my parents dearly.  They endured countless years of being my Barbie playmates, my grocery store customers (yes, I made them buy groceries from their own kitchen), my talk-show audience... pretty much my everything.  I'm lucky I get to see them fairly often since I only live about an hour away.  Even though they're a short drive away I can always be equally entertained by their ridiculous phone calls and text messages!

Granted, they've both come a long way with their technology know-how, but they are FAR from even being considered "beginners" at the internet and cell phones.  If my Dad had it his way, he'd still be using a typewriter and my Mom would use a corded phone.

My Mom enjoys sending undecipherable text messages to which I reply, "try again!," in hopes that she'll include some punctuation or even vowels in the message.  Wishful thinking.

Exciting life, Mom
Please notice the BLANK TEXT.

Don't be fooled - these weekday gardening texts are quickly followed by the Friday night phone conversations that go something like this...

Mom:  Hey! What are you doing!?
Me: Studying (yes, on a Friday night - medical school sucks sometimes a lot.) 
Mom:  Do you haaaaave to study?  We're going to the CASINO! Come with us!
Me: No thanks, I can't tonight.
Mom:  You're boring.

My dad is a little less of a "texter" and more of a phone call kinda guy.  He does like to send picture messages though.  So, first I get a phone call from my Mom asking if I know who the band Tool is and then immediately get a text from my Dad:

My Dad is awesome and hangs w/rockers.

Obviously, my Dad is unfazed by celebrities.  Baller.

My parents are hilarious and the best a girl could ask for -- I couldn't be any luckier.  

I only look tall because of heels.

*Mom & Dad - I know you won't read this because I banned you from getting facebook and/or twitter, but I love you! If you're reading this - you're in sooo much trouble!

- - - - - - - - - - -

What do you guys think of my little blog makeover?  


Caroline at Her Own Eden said...

awww your family is super presh! and I LOVE the makeover! especially the header!! you're catching on so quickly :)

Alex said...

Love itttt! I have had my blog for two years and still have NO IDEA how to make it pretty. So bravo!!

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